Jianfa, meaning "Sword Method", is the Chinese Art of Swordsmanship. It involves the study and practice of basic cuts, solo forms, two-person drills and free swordplay.

It is great for children! Jianfa engages their imagination, brings out their creativity and is great exercise.


Unlike sports, Jianfa is first and foremost a Martial Art. The whole practice is centred around discipline, structure and respect. This provides the perfect environment for children to develop socially, intellectually and physically.

Children learn the etiquette of swordplay in a fun and exciting way which gives them vital skills that will transfer into their home and school lives. Jianfa is the perfect way for a child to learn how to be a great friend and a valuable team player.

Concentration and Mindfulness

How To Focus and Pay Attention

Discipline and Respect

Confidence and Self-Esteem

Balance and Co-Ordination

Like other forms of swordplay such as Fencing and Kendo, Jianfa also has a great competitive aspect. Children will regularly take part in free swordplay and competitive bouts with their peers. This provides a great opportunity for them to nurture their self-belief and build their confidence.

Exciting and fun, Jianfa is practised with safety in mind. Protective equipment is used at all times and children are taught from their very first lesson the importance of safety. This gives parents the peace of mind that their child will enjoy themselves whilst getting a genuine experience of Chinese swordsmanship.

Studying Jianfa is an amazing thing for any child to do. It’s fun, exciting and provides the perfect way to channel excess energy into a productive exercise that focuses the mind while teaching intuitive problem-solving. What more could you want for your child?


Our Jianfa programme is very popular so we have limited spaces in our classes. Call us today to find out when our next enrollment will be! You can call us on 01702 808 262, text 07931 857 775 or email info@rochfordmartialarts.com.

WHY Parents LOVE Rochford Martial Arts for their Children
We develop socially confident children who know how to stand up for themselves
We instill the traditional values of hardwork, good manners, discipline, respect and determination
We develop a childs self belief by nurturing their individuality while promoting teamwork
We know that it takes a 'Family' to raise a child and are proud that you choose our Kung Fu family to help in your child's growth
We believe in simple payment options without hidden costs


Lauren Adams

Absolutely love this place. My 5 year old has only had a few lessons and he loves it!! His teacher is fab with him and somehow gets him to sit still for a few minutes! 

Gerhard Pretorius

My son joined Rochford Martial Arts Academy recently and loves it. If he could, he would go every day!

Tim Neobard

Excellent with kids from the very start, Sam has become much more confident with the more boisterous kids at school. Loves playing the games and has become very confident.


Tel: 01702 808 262     Email: info@rochfordmartialarts.com

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