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Welcome to our brand new newsletter "The RMA News". With our new Academy, we thought it was time that we revamped our newsletter. The only problem we have is struggling to come up with a name. So we're throwing that problem out to our lovely readers to solve. What shall we call our new newsletter? Email your ideas to and we'll pick the best one as the name for our official newsletter!

Grading Week

This month we had our biggest ever grading week. It was amazing to see how much hard work everyone put in. Every grading cycle the standards just keep getting higher and our Kung Fu students really raised the bar this time.

This grading cycle saw our largest number of students graduate to their next class. It's been brilliant to see all of you develop. We cannot wait to see where the next part of your Kung Fu journey leads you!

Congratulations to everyone who graded. You did the Academy and yourselves proud!

Lucy's 6th World Title

Last month Lucy and the GB Blind Sailing team travelled to Canada to defend their world title at the 2019 Blind Fleet Racing World Championship. They put on an amazing performance placing 1st in every race except one where they came 2nd. But we'll forgive that little dip in their record as they brought the Squadron Cup back to the UK. This amazing victory is Lucy's 6th world title. We're seriously running out of space at home for all her trophies! Well done Team GB.

Halloween Party - 31st Oct

It's time for our annual Halloween Night. Turn up for some spooky Kung Fu fun. Don't go trick or treating come to Kung Fu instead!

We'll be playing fun Kung Fu ghoulish games and would love to invite all of our members and their friends to join us.

Times as follows:

Little Tigers: 4.30pm

Tiger Squad: 5.15pm

Dragon Squad: 6.00pm

FREE Parents Only Beginner Kung Fu Workshop - Fri 1st Nov - 19:00-21:00

Have you ever looked at the kids enjoying their Kung Fu and wanted to have a go? Well now's your chance! We're having a Kung Fu night just for our parents and their friends! We'll teach you the basics of Kung Fu in this fun workshop. If you struggle with fitness, need help with your confidence or want to manage your stress a little better this workshop is for you.

The workshop is designed for absolute beginners and it'll be suitable for all fitness levels. It'll be a great opportunity to have some fun with friends and also experience all of the benefits you see the kids getting!

Book online at

Christmas Bash & Disco - Sat 7th Dec - 11:00-16.30

Being in our bigger venue we're going large with this Christmas Bash!

If you've never experienced a Christmas Bash, it's a fabulous event. Our great Kung Fu students get a chance to compete with each other and then afterwards we'll let our hair down and have our first ever Christmas Disco!

There will be medals, trophies and some seriously great Kung Fu. It really is a chance for our students to showcase their skills.

Also to celebrate the launch of our new Jianfa programme we will also be having an exhibition of competitive Chinese Swordsmanship.

Entry for competitors will be £10. We'll be opening up the entries over the next couple of weeks. Full details will be announced very shortly. Make sure you put this date in the diary!

New Management System

We are migrating to a new management system that will allow us to manage all attendance, gradings and memberships in one place. As we switch over you may receive an email saying that your membership has been cancelled. Please don't worry it hasn't. You'll receive a second email shortly after confirming your membership on the new system. If you have any queries just give us a shout!

Kung Fu Movie Fighting Workshop - 30/10 10:00 £10

Ever wanted to be a Kung Fu movie star? Now's your chance! This exciting workshop will teach you the basics of fight choreography and you'll finish by filming your own movie fight scene! Open to anyone aged between 4-12 years old. Limited places so book early to avoid disappointment. Book online:

Scott Rodell Michuan Form & Applications Seminar - 8/9/10 Nov - £150

This 3-day intensive Tai Chi course is suitable for all levels of experience and is a unique opportunity for all Tai Chi and Kung Fu students deepen their skills and knowledge.

Friday 8/10: 19:00-22:00

Saturday 9/10: 09:00-17:00

Sunday 10/10: 09:00-17:00

Book online:

FEATURE - Jianfa

Chinese Martial Artists are famous for their dynamic and acrobatic weapons forms, but until recently very few studied the practical side of their weapon arts. There is a huge revival happening around the world with more and more practitioners wanting to get back to the true roots of their arts. At the forefront of this exciting resurgence in practical Chinese weaponry is Jianfa (Chinese Swordsmanship)!

Last month we launched our brand new Jianfa programme becoming the first official Jianfa school in the UK. We are also the first school in the world to have a youth programme teaching Chinese Fencing to children and teens. So our little Academy now has the eyes of the world looking at us!

The Jianfa Junior class booked out in a matter of weeks and the students have made incredible progress in a very short period of time.

Like other forms of swordplay such as Fencing and Kendo, Jianfa also has a great competitive aspect. Students will regularly take part in free swordplay and competitive bouts with their peers. This provides a great opportunity for them to nurture their self-belief and confidence at the same time as giving them a sense of achievement and fullfilment. Free swordplay is great fun and provides you with a fantastic workout!

Are you interested in learning Jianfa? We currently have space in our adult and teens Jianfa classes and will be taking on 5 new students into the Junior class in January.

Contact us to register your interest!

Did you enjoy our newsletter? We'd love to hear from you. Get in contact with us! | 01702 808 262 | 07931 857 775 | www.rochfordmartial

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