Laoshi Scott Rodell's November Seminar

Last month we hosted the UK's first Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan seminar with Laoshi Scott Rodell. Michuan Taijiquan is a style of Tai Chi created by Yang Luchan, founder of the Yang style. It is the original style of the Yang Tai Chi system that we study in our main classes.

It was a fascinating seminar with participants aging from 14 to students in their late 70's! We also had a wide range of abilities attend ranging from novice to senior students. Everyone loved the practicality of the system and Laoshi was amazed that we were able to get through the entire first section of the form in one intensive weekend. Both the Kung Fu and Tai Chi students who attended the seminar commented how much it has helped their practice and are thoroughly looking forward to the next seminar!

Laoshi also met our Junior Jianfa gang and taught a special 2 hour workshop on Chinese Swordsmanship. Our Juniors were perfectly behaved and delighted in the chance get some swordplay in with a world master!

January Jianfa Enrolment

Our Junior Jianfa programme has been a huge success and so much so that our classmates in Australia are launching the programme next year. We are excited to announce that we are now taking applications for January's Junior Jianfa enrolment. There are only 6 places available and anyone aged between 8-12 can apply.

We also have a limited number of spaces in our Chinese Swordsmanship classes for teens and adults. Please contact us to register your interest.

Christmas Shutdown Dates

Please note the Academy will close for the festive period from the evening of Tuesday 17th December and classes will resume on Thursday 2nd January. Below are the last classes in each of our programmes of 2019:

Morning Tai Chi - Monday 16/12

Evening Tai Chi - Monday 16/12

Little Tigers - Friday 13/12

Tiger Squad - Friday 13/12

Dragon Squad - Friday 13/12

Kung Fu Cadets - Monday 16/12

Adult Kung Fu - Tuesday 17/12

Jianfa - Monday 16/12

Christmas Party - Tues 17th Dec 4.30 pm

To get everyone into the Christmas spirit we'd love to invite you, your family and friends to our Christmas Party on Tuesday 17th December. If you could bring a few party nibbles along to help make the party something to remember! The party starts at 4.30 pm and will finish at 7.00 pm.

Free "Inspiration In You" Motivational Course with Lucy for 10-16 year olds

Lucy is offering 10-16 year olds the chance to attend her 6 week inspirational course for FREE. Sharing the methods she has used to become a world champion sailor participants will learn how to set goals, deal with anxiety and find the confidence to thrive in life. The course begins 6pm on Wednesday 8th January and there are 10 places available.

Book online:

January Grading Week

lt gradings are fast approaching. Our next grading week will begin week commencing Monday 27th January 2020. We will be doing revision and tag catch-ups as soon as we're back in the new year, so it is essential that you get back to class as soon as we open!

Scott Rodell Seminars 2020

10-12 April 2020 - Chinese Swordsmanship in Leeds.

1-3 May 2020 - Michuan Form 1st Section in Rochford

13-15 November 2020 - Michuan Form 1st Section in Rochford

20-22 November 2020 - Chinese Swordsmanship in Leeds

Booking details will be released in the new year.

Chinese New Year Bash

Unfortunately, we had to cancel this years Christmas Bash. Fear not though as we're going to be having our first Chinese New Years Bash instead!

This is a friendly competition with sparring and forms where students get to experience the thrill of a genuine martial arts tournament.

There will be medals, trophies and some seriously great Kung Fu. It really is a chance for our students to showcase their skills.

Also to celebrate the success of our Jianfa programme we will also be having an exhibition of competitive Chinese Swordsmanship.

Entry for competitors will be £10. We'll be opening up the entries over the next couple of weeks. Full details will be announced very shortly. Make sure you put this date in the diary

Feature - Supporting a Bullied Child

Bullying is one of the hardest things a parent ever has to deal with. At school, our children are outside our protection and often we can feel powerless when trying to comfort a child who is suffering from bullying.

Giving children the skills to be able to stand up for themselves is the first step. We teach children to confront the bullies at the time and not to play their game.  At Kung Fu they learn how to use positive body language, look them in the eye and tell them to leave them alone.

Learning to stand up for themselves takes time. Sometimes with the best will in the world, there are situations a child just won't be able to handle alone. This is where they need your help. But this is often an area where parents feel helpless. How can you help your child when they are being bullied?

Firstly you must play it by the book, keep a diary, record everything that’s said and done, photograph any damage or harm that is done to your child. Book an appointment to see the headteacher and record their response in writing. If you’re not happy with it, take it to the school governors, if you’re not happy with them go to the education department and your local councillors and MP.  Keep going and NEVER give in to bullying, not from the kids or the teachers, be determined and keep going until this despicable behaviour is stopped.

NEVER, and I repeat NEVER let anyone abuse you or your child in any way.  It’s your right as a human being.  Stop it before it gets out of hand! Remember we are always here to help. Please contact us if you need support!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

This year has been the most amazing year and we'd just like to say a huge thanks to everyone for your support! Moving into our new venue was a massive amount of work but now we're settling in it's been more than worth all of the effort. Next year is going to be even better!

We hope you have a brilliant Christmas and an even more awesome new year!

Gavin, Lucy and the team!

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