Why Your Child Should Study Jianfa - The Art of Chinese Swordsmanship

Chinese Martial Artists are famous for their dynamic and acrobatic weapons forms, but until recently very few studied the practical side of their weapon arts. There is huge revival happening around the world with more and more practitioners wanting to get back to the true roots of their arts. At the forefront of this exciting resurgence in practical Chinese weaponry is Jianfa (Chinese Swordsmanship) and naturally, the kids want to be part of the action!

Jianfa naturally appeals to children. I’ve never met a child who doesn’t enjoy pretending to be Jedi, a pirate or any other number of heroes that they’ve seen in the movies and video games. Jianfa engages their imagination, brings out their creativity, is great exercise and most importantly is really good fun.

Unlike sports, Jianfa is first and foremost a Martial Art. The whole practice is centred around discipline, structure and respect. This provides the perfect environment for children to develop socially, intellectually and physically. Children learn the etiquette of swordplay in a fun and exciting way which gives them vital skills that will transfer into their home and school lives. Jianfa is the perfect way for a child to learn how to be a great friend and a valuable team player.

Exciting and fun, Jianfa is practised with safety in mind. Protective equipment is used at all times and children are taught from their very first lesson the importance of safety. This gives parents the peace of mind that their child will enjoy themselves whilst getting a genuine experience of Chinese swordsmanship.

Like other forms of swordplay such as Fencing and Kendo, Jianfa also has a great competitive aspect. Children will regularly take part in free swordplay and competitive bouts with their peers. This provides a great opportunity for them to nurture their self-belief and confidence at the same time as giving them a sense of achievement and fulfilment. Kids who study Jianfa do have that ‘can do’ attitude that is so essential to success in life!

Studying Jianfa is an amazing thing for any child to do. It’s fun, exciting and provides a perfect way to burn off excess energy. At the same time, it teaches discipline, manners and respect. What more could you want for your child?

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