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Tai Chi is a form of exercise and moving meditation developed in ancient China that has been practised for centuries as a therapeutic, healing routine and martial art.  Its mindful movements are the perfect antidote to the stresses and anxieties of our busy modern lives.  Instead of jarring, high-intensity exercises, Tai Chi uses low-impact, slow-moving, naturally flowing movements that are done softly and thoughtfully. Movements are often circular and muscles are relaxed during the exercises. Since it is such a gentle flowing exercise, it offers benefits for people at all fitness levels – from young practitioners to older adults to those living with chronic pain.

Here are just some of the benefits of studying Tai Chi:

Recovery and Rehabilitation

Ability to Deal with Stress and Anxiety

Improved Posture and Balance

Concentration and Mindfulness

Greater Self-Esteem and Confidence

Calmer and More Aware Mind

Happiness and Increased Wellbeing

Our relaxed and friendly classes are based on the Yang style of Tai Chi. The classes follow a carefully structured syllabus that ensures that you will always be developing at your own pace and ability. From your first lesson, you will be shown simple exercises and routines that will lead to better balance and posture, increased strength and flexibility, calmness and peace of mind.  For more experienced students we also have an advanced curriculum exploring the martial aspect of Tai Chi Chuan as a practical system of self defence,


We'd love to invite you to a free taster session at our excellent full-time martial arts school, try out a class and meet our team. To book simply click on the button below, fill in the form and we'll contact you and book you in.  Alternatively, you can call us on 01702 808 262, text 07931 857 775 or email info@rochfordmartialarts.com.

WHY our members LOVE Rochford Martial Arts for Tai Chi
Teachers Who Care About Helping You Achieve Your Goals
Being Part of Something Special While Making New Like Minded Friends
Feel Empowered & Positive Living A Healthy Lifestyle
Feel Safe & Confident With Simple & Relaxed Classes
We Believe in Simple Payment Options Without Hidden Costs


Lauren Adams

Absolutely love this place. My 5 year old has only had a few lessons and he loves it!! His teacher is fab with him and somehow gets him to sit still for a few minutes! 

Gerhard Pretorius

My son joined Rochford Martial Arts Academy recently and loves it. If he could, he would go every day!

Tim Neobard

Excellent with kids from the very start, Sam has become much more confident with the more boisterous kids at school. Loves playing the games and has become very confident.


Tel: 01702 808 262     Email: info@rochfordmartialarts.com

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