Scott M. Rodell Sunday 6 Part Daofa Webinar
Sun, May 31
Great River Taoist Center
May 31, 10:00 AM EDT – Jun 10, 10:30 AM EDT
Great River Taoist Center
Daofa with Scott M. Rodell, a six part Webinar Series focusing on the Basic Cuts of the Chinese Saber and their Martial Application in swordplay. Rodell Laoshi will also introduce the proper body mechanics to deliver powerful cuts as well as saber cut combinations.
Scott M. Rodell Saturday 4 Part Dandao Webinar
Sat, Jun 06
Great River Taoist Center
Jun 06, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM EDT
Great River Taoist Center
Five Session Webinar with Scott M. Rodell concentrating on the Ming Chinese Two-Handed Saber, the Dandao. Each session will focus on anti-spear techniques that were the focus of the Dandao system as well the body mechanic to deliver powerful cuts.


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